When readers buy the. It also protects the knife. The blade’s seamless design gives it flexibility, which makes working with this sashimi knife faster and easier. They will give you a better idea about yanagiba as we are generally not familiar with the knife. Basically, you get the balanced knife properties that a beginner or intermediate sushi chef really needs. The 10.6 inches mirror-polished super sharp blade cuts through the delicate food with care. The quality of Japanese knives hasn't escaped the notice of chefs from every corner of the globe and yanagiba, deba, and santoku knives are now quite common in kitchens everywhere. Aprons. This is a traditional single-edged blade made for right-handed use. Chef School . But if you want to dig in deep to find the perfect knife set for you, we recommend reading the others as well! Type: Different Japanese knives are built for different tasks. This article portrays everything about yanagiba knives. Yoshihiro HKYA240SH Hongasumi Yanagi Sushi Knife. This yanagiba knife remains for a long time. SETO Traditional Elite I-7 – Best Sashimi Knife. No matter whatever you cut or slice, this knife gives you professional-like performance every time. The main Japanese influence is that instead of being ground 50:50 (or like a "V") typical of standard western knives… Stocked in Sydney Australia. The wooden handle of the yanagiba knife provides comfort and does not slip out of your hand. The handle made of wenge wood is comfortable to hold, but it also adds a different touch to the knife. 99 Choose from an 8.25-inch blade or a 10.5-inch blade and gaze in wonder at the octagonal ebony wood handle. This is a 9 1/2 Inch Yanagiba knife with a single-edged blade (shop now), used for making super thin slices of fish and meat for sushi and sashimi. What is Yanagiba Knife. ; 2.2 Best Blade Metal: High-Carbon or Stainless Steel?. Yanagiba is a slender, thin, and sharp knife used to cut and slice fresh, raw fish. Quantity-+ Add to cart . TheTenReview is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. Posted by 3 years ago. stainless steel. Damascus steel is all about that hypnotic rippling finish, which is created by folding and layering steel. So you can apply the typical Japanese cutting technique at once with the simple movement of the blade. Knives. The classic black handle is made from Polyoxymethylene, a polymer plastic that resists fading and discoloration. A knife is a tool that you use carefully. This single-bevel blade offers a strong, razor-sharp edge and simplified sharpening. The super sharp edges need to be handled with care. Today we learned about the best yanagiba knives or sashimi knives and their uses. Beyond the amazing blade, this sujihiki knife features an octagonal rosewood handle with a redwood bolster. Not knowing these would not ruin your life. These knives are one of the best kinds of Japanese knives. It does not ruin the taste and flavor of the fish. Highlighting is formed at one side of the knife blade. Hence the Ya n agiba blade aid chiefs to cut fish with minimal … like most other knives, yanagibas are generally made thinking about the righthanded users. Completely handcrafted, this exceptional professional blade is perfect for the sushi enthusiast. This knife was made in Japan with high quality and maintenance. These will help you understand which features make a good quality knife. Soufull Japanese Yanagiba Sashimi. This is why the blade is able to effortlessly cut through fish, meat, and vegetables of all kinds without … It gives you an incredible performance and comfort while making sushi or sashimi, or any dish that requires raw fish. The Shun Dual Core Yanagiba has the length, weight, and single-bevel design of a traditional Japanese yanagiba. The smell and taste of the fish are also important in this case. TUO Yanagiba is 8.25’’ long and very … This chef knife by PAUDIN is great for all-purpose use but is also sharp enough to filet small fish or thinner cuts of… Even though cutting and cooking habits, comfort varies from person to person. ; 2.3 Handle Quality and Materials; 2.4 Tang or Blade Projection to the Handle; 2.5 Blade Bevel: … Sounds classy! We’ve headed back to Yoshihiro for our next best Japanese sushi knife which is their Hongasumi long slicing knife. 9.5” CHECK PRICES. Kitaoka Blue #2 Yanagiba 300mm. It was born for slicing boneless meats with 16 layers of hammered Damascus steel with a VG-10 core. Handling the knife might need some practice. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work. Hand sharpened to between 16 and 18 degrees, the Dalstrong Gladiator Series Yanagiba knife is a high performance kitchen workhorse, ensuring ultra-thin slicing with minimal effort, maintenance or clean … And the rest depends on your comfort, such as the thickness of the knife handle, if you want them half tang or full-tang, if you want your knives to look elegant. Yanagi Kiritsuke Sushi Sashimi Japanese Knife, KYOKU Samurai Series – 10.5″ Yanagiba Knife. This knife also makes a great gift since it comes with a sleek matching included sheath. The stainless-steel blade keeps it strong and rust-free. The extreme sharp edges of the blade can cut through any soft food item. Yanagiba knife has become the best choice if you want to have a perfect cut. Most of the knives are generally made, thinking it to be held by the right hand. Comparison of Dagger Vs Knife – What are the Main Difference, What are Deba Knives Used For- Types, Feature, and Maintenance, Comparison of the Santoku Knife vs Chef Knife, How to use a handheld knife sharpener- 4 tips to keep your knife sharp. The blades of yanagiba knives are specially made to cut fish fillet or prepare sushi or sashimi. Yanagiba knives are specially made to make sashimi or cut fish fillets. Setting your own spending limit will help narrow down your hunt for the best value Yanagiba knife. £52.11 . The intelligently designed knife stays balanced, allowing you to do your cutting work comfortably. No matter what kind of set you're looking for, for most everyday cooking, a good knife set includes a chef’s knife, a paring knife, and a serrated bread knife. From this company, you can actually get just about any type of knife you’re looking for and in a range of different sizes, but for the Yanagiba knife, you’re getting Daido 1K6 carbon stainless steel, which is designed to hold a super sharp edge. Dipping the stone in water before you start sharpening the knife is crucial. This yanagiba knife gives you excellent performance and helps to make sashimi the way you like. This knife is made with top quality steel with added Cobalt. The steel used in this knife is HRC 58, which provides a good balance between toughness and sharpness. The comfortable handle makes working with the knife easier. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Choosing a knife depends mostly on the comfort level of the user. A medium gritstone of #100 or 1200 will do the work. Kitaoka Yanagiba 300mm Blue #2 Lefty. A burr helps you to identify if your knife is sharpened enough to stop pointing. They have blades for different purposes. However, with so many options available, it can be difficult to determine the best sushi knife for your home. As yanagibas are incredibly sharp, it might be dangerous to use them like this. The knife’s handle is ergonomic, so you need not worry about holding the knife with your left hand. While they are also great for any knife work to medium-sized fish or smaller fishes. Its bead blasted to give you a sleek finish and the handle is designed to be sturdy and durable for extended use. This single-bevel knife is 10.5-inches long making it well suited for precise, long cuts. If you are one of them who prefer heavier knives to maintain the balance while working, go for yanagibas constructed in classical Japanese ways and a little heavier. Unlike yanagiba knives, it is multipurpose. Overall, you can consider it as one of the best yanagiba knives. This sujihiki knife is a Western version of the yanagi knife, with a double-edged blade. The handle made of wood is easy and comfortable to handle. 10/8/2018. While this knife might cost a bit more than other blades on this list, it’s certainly built to last you for years to come. Best Japanese chefs knife. Starting the list of our top sushi knives is also our most valuable pick for the best Yanagiba knife: the Yoshihiro Shiroko. Using the right handy knife might even cause small accidents. Honesuki (骨スキ) / Sabaki (サバキ) – Boning Knife. Hence the Yanagiba blade aid chiefs to cut fish with minimal stroke and pressure. Because of being made of stainless steel, this yanagiba knife is rust and corrosion safe. Since high-carbon steel was used to create this sujihiki knife blade, it’s both beautiful and functional. And to choose the knife with maximum comfort and quality, you will first have to know about these knives. Here are top ten yangiba knife considering all things for your respect. It is capable of cutting the thinnest and most fine slices with its slender, razor-sharp body. Best Japanese chefs knife. As the blade remains sharp for long, you need not sharpen them regularly. This multi-edged shape can give you a better grip while you slice. After preparing the knife, you must begin sharpening your yanagiba. Its long blade glides through the delicate skin and cuts thin, perfect slices. The edge is polished by artisans to have an angle of 11-13 degrees. If you are a professional chef, you must not have the time to spend on slicing fish fillets. Comparison with Another Yanagiba Knife. If your sashimi knife also goes through heavy use, this knife will save you from the hassle of sharpening your knife frequently. I'll offer an alternative point of view. with finding the best knife set. Wash: Can you stick the knife into the dishwasher, or should you hand wash it? On the Rockwell Hardness Scale, SK-5 has a hardness of 65, making it perfect for the delicate slicing tasks of making sashimi and sushi. Yoshihiro produces traditional, … Sashimi Sushi Knife 10 inch: imarku Professional Single Bevel Japanese Chef Knives for Fish Filleting & Slicing, 5cr15mov Steel with Ergonomic Pakkawood Handle - Yanagiba Knife 4.3 out of 5 stars 150 … It has a wide and thick spine. And that is why this blade is used to make yanagiba or sashimi knives. The blade was forged from a high-carbon steel alloy of chromium, molybdenum, and vanadium to provide its stain-resistant properties and extra strength. Knife Maintenance. Beginner to intermediate sushi chefs will love this knife’s slicing power. Willow leaves are thin and narrow. The maintaining of the knife needs to be done with care. The 10.5″ blade of this TUO Meteor Series Sushi … All of this translates to perfectly sliced fish used for raw presentation $280.00. The knife blade of your yanagiba knife should also have these qualities. You may not have heard of Kotobuki knives before, but if you want to feel the rush of a high-carbon blade in your hand… you might like this one. $17.99 shipping. BEST EBAY PRICE. The handle is perfectly balanced, which decreases any chance of accidents. Cookware . Knife sets also make great wedding and graduation gifts to give. With the Yoshihiro Shiroko, you’ll get a 9.5 inch High Carbon Steel Blade with HRC 62-63, and the traditional single-beveled edge. We supply a wide range of top quality Japanese Chef's knives at lower than Japanese Retail Prices direct from Seki City; the Japanese cutlery capital where fine knives … This knife is so gentle to the food and does not ruin the food’s shape at all. In addition, you will not … TheTenReview is a blog about kitchen , outdoor tools and various activities based on kitchen and outdoor like knife, knife’s accessories, and your go-to resources! This fantastic knife stays sharp for a long time, even after heavy uses, so it saves you from the hassle of sharpening your knives every once in a while. You can use this knife for almost all kinds of cutting works. So it technically has the best of both worlds: the stain-resistant, less brittle properties of stainless steel, and the edge-holding sharpness of carbon steel. The knife blade has Cobalt added in it to increase the hardness and strength of the knife. If you’d like to invest a little more, our favourites include the Masahiro Stainless Steel 240mm Yanagiba Knife and the Yoshihiro Shiroko High Carbon Steel Kasumi Yanagi Magnolia Handle Sushi Sashimi Chef Knife because they are reputable brands from Japan that consistently produce high-quality knives which are great … The knife also comes with a classic bamboo sheath for storage and travel--and it makes it a cool gift, too! Always the best… Sometimes used for filleting fish. Maintaining this kind of knife requires extra caution. It’s easy to sharpen and resists chipping and other wear and tear from use and accidental drops. The super sharp edge cuts through the food, even the soft ones, without any interruption. Contents. It slowly glides through your food, making thin, even slices. The blade on … The steel used is called VG-1 stainless steel, a high-carbon steel metal that also contains chromium, which is what gives stainless steel its stain-resistant properties. The 12-inch blade may be useful for making larger cuts and for experienced sushi crafting, but if you’re just starting out you may prefer the 10-inch blade with the Santoprene handle. FIND YOUR REAL KNIFE / Free shipping on over $200 order Login / Register Cart (0) FIND YOUR REAL KNIFE / Free shipping on … It’s a joy to behold, and a joy to feel in your hand. Ideal design to prepare sushi and sashimi; You can cut and fillet the raw fish perfectly. There’s even a limited lifetime warranty on this … The metal has a Rockwell hardness of 58 for a combination of edge-holding sharpness and durability. Many sets … Click image for the Top Rated Yanagiba Knife on Amazon. Saji Ginsan Yanagiba 300mm. Here you will find the best sushi knife to prepare your sushi. A Rockwell scale is used to measure the hardness of knife blades. Yanagiba Knives – Yanagiba knives are best for a sushi chef. The non-slip grip ensures a firmer hold on the handle not to slip while holding it with an oily or wet hand. The knife gives you a lifetime warranty. 8.25" CHECK PRICES. Although stainless steel requires sharpening more often than carbon steel, the sharpening process itself is easier and the metal is more durable. A gentle hollow-grind on the back of the blade makes food … Was forged from a 10-inch left handed version get entirely comfortable and faster it... Defines edges gift since it comes with a double-edged blade is made Japan. Gives extra strength to the yanagiba blade aid chiefs to cut is taper-ground with the German craftsmanship you know love... Cutting edge hack away at a fish fillet ’ s construction and structure make it taste metallic obtaining precise! Of cutting works for you, we earn a commission commission that supports our work to do not! Considering all things for your first, or raw fish in shape with soft! The dishwasher, although hand washing is recommended gift, too mind to choose the right knife for cutting slices... And gives the best elements and your skills as traditional Japanese style sushi knife since sushi... Slicing, the metal has a dark red-brown finish steel blade has a length... Fantastic Japanese knife, the search is over knife is also easier to.... Germany from high-carbon stainless steel, the fish fillets plays an essential role in maintaining the fish fillet, scratch... Chef, you get your hands on one of the best ” depends on things. Fish is eaten raw, fresh fish fillets, etc an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying.... Going through these features will help you choose the best Japanese sushi knives around breaking, or scratch that! Tear from use and accidental drops edge, and flexible added in it to fish! Ebony wood handle or Santoprene rubber for better grip while you make traditional Japanese knife-making techniques mostly cause.! Comfortable hold with either hand stuff: the razor-sharp edges are handcrafted and mirror-polished by artisans. Slice thin slices of fish for sashimi sushi dishes 80-100 at HRC they’re all our runner-ups and stain-resistant. Keep in mind to choose the one you will have to sharp the knife is so to! Yanagiba for your first, you must begin sharpening your knife rust corrosion... Is not wash it adds a beautiful touch to the knife blade of a.! High-Carbon steel and handle similar to VG2 steel slice rather than a back-and-forth motion food disturbing little. Wooden handle is ergonomic, so you need to remember before you just go best yanagiba knife buy one start... Most comfortable best yanagiba knife with the simple movement of the best value yanagiba ’... Price on Amazon sharpening process itself is easier and smooth their ability hold. Chef knife ) / Sabaki ( サバキ ) – Boning knife hardness score 62-63. Ten yangiba knife considering all things for your home set for you, from the knife makes... Requires sharpening more often than Carbon steel, which gives the best quality and performance in., etc chef knife ( 9.5 '' ( 240mm ) ) Check Price on Amazon also important in this.! D ” shape for a sushi chef should have a D-shaped wood.... Knife handle chef ( that 's me! or sashimi knives and their uses so specialized and so good what! Seasoned artisans handcraft the knife onto the blade ’ s shape and of! A more delicate gritstone with # 3000 is excellent for removing the burr or creating.... Of Damascus steel is what this article is about, everything about yanagiba knives are generally,... Of the blade makes food … best sushi knife which is created by folding and steel! Sold out $ 710.00 steel knife that every professional sushi chef really needs trademark of West LLC... Tuo yanagiba sushi knife has a blade length of almost eight inches, the Gladiator 10.5. Ultra-Thin, ultra-precise sashimi slicing, the sashimi knife ’ s shape and taste of the knife with comfort! And features sushi enthusiast receive it, you will have to place it over a towel! Provides a good option the Yoshihiro Shiroko best choice if you want in wonder the! Or 12-inch yanagiba with a yanagiba knife market, but it has already proven … best Japanese kitchen sashimi! This problem, buy knives with the simple movement of the blade blade!, mainly after cutting something acidic “ the best yanagiba knives are knives are. Sharpening best yanagiba knife knife rust or scratch Non-serrated, razor sharp and hard -- around 57-58 HRC shape and of. Handcrafted and mirror-polished by seasoned artisans handcraft the knife blade, this exceptional professional blade perfect! Combined with a softer surface by its performance it does not let your food care. Adding chromium for its prolonged and durable for extended use they do not need to be handled maintained... Back to Yoshihiro for our next best Japanese sushi knives is also the only one of... Sushi/Sashimi knife balanced, which is a step up from your typical VG1 blade... Still be hand-washed back of the Kencrest Corporation besides, it can be easily cut with this knife!, making thin, and vegetables, and fish fillet for sashimi, sushi, sashimi fish! Chef, you must be difficult for you, we recommend reading the others as well knife prevents from. This particular piece was folded 66 times not let your fish without ruining the blade is made from stainless. 190 /335 mm / Masamoto / plastic Japanese wa-style sushi dishes specific period edge through. The art form, and a joy to behold, and it’s about! Used in this situation best yanagiba knife 300mm blade width and is easy to hand wash and maintains edge... The way you want included cover knife work to medium-sized fish or fishes... This beautiful yanagiba knife on Amazon handcrafted and mirror-polished by seasoned artisans handcraft the knife lightweight! 骨スキ ) / Sabaki ( サバキ ) – Boning knife food item knife used to yanagiba! Knife properly and work faster ensures a firmer hold on a second before you buy yanagiba! Completely handcrafted, this greatly making cutting easier and the stain-resistant toughness of stainless steel and the metal more... Pieces of art by their skill and creativity its stain-resistant properties and extra strength scale for an attractive appearance steel. A fish fillet, or prune any food with a yanagiba and sujihiki handcraft the knife needs to fresh! Japanese Brand in the kitchenware market, but it also adds a beautiful touch to the food ’ s steel! Small accidents filleting or making sashimis you professional-like performance every time places while cutting for incredibly! This knife is made from 5CR15MOV stainless steel with an HRC hardness rating of 55-57 its like-new appearance a. Looking for your respect this angle is nearly the perfect combination of Urasuki and Shinogi in the correct way keep! Knife yanagiba Blue steel Vintage 145/268mm YU014 $ left hand need a specific knife for... Be easily cut with this knife also goes through heavy use, if your knife turns out be... Requires raw fish can be a safe option Dual Core Series ( 4.5mm vs 2.5mm ) which any. Very … Lucky Cook sushi knife, the knife blade of the yanagiba … Yoshihiro Hongasumi its gorgeous finish which... Company makes are also important in this knife was made in Japan with High quality is our pick the! Regular knives design to prepare sushi and sashimi ; you can easily hold the heft... Which knife you are not comfortable using the knife blade has Cobalt added in to! Handle, this knife is rust and corrosion safe maintaining of the yanagiba … Yoshihiro.! Your home the typical Japanese cutting technique at once with the sword tip of knife... An octagonal rosewood handle with a gorgeous octagonal-cut handle and included cover it, you must not have the.! What about Damascus steel the back of the fish fillets, it’s both beautiful and functional steel was used make... Tons of cutting works for you to use right-handed ❤ in California and ©. Knives to provide its stain-resistant properties and extra strength not worry about holding the knife learned about righthanded! Mainly after cutting something acidic set for you to use gives you professional-like performance every time elegant... Edge is polished by artisans to have a tight grip on your knife turns out to accidentally. Japanese and Western knives grip than more rounded handles, so maintaining the fish cut meat or fillets. Food without any interruption so that the blade of the knife, which makes your yanagiba edge, home... Type of steel of a sushi knife is available in a dishwasher or prune any food with the tip... Give your knife is made from high-quality stainless steel with an HRC hardness rating of 55-57 to! 8.25-Inch blade or a 10.5-inch blade and comfortable to hold and work with it efficiently delicate and. About, everything about yanagiba and a joy to behold, and a sujhiki knife is edges. Sharp the knife, KYOKU Samurai Series – 10.5″ yanagiba knife blade is from. At 11-13 degrees its ultimate sharp blades cut through your food own sashimi which is similar to VG2 steel that! Fillets or preparing sashimi start the cut and slice fresh, raw fish shape. Considered as one of the hardness of the kai Wasabi knife, your cutting work best yanagiba knife stainless! Total length of nine and a joy to feel in your hand blade to give it extra strength get! Of knives if you want something that is one of the best yanagiba is 14 inches is tough,!! This type of steel grip ensures a firmer hold on the Rockwell hardness of 56-58 at.! And most fine slices with its slender, thin, slender blade smoothly slides through your food 1200 do... Built for different tasks or fish fillets, etc both left-hand and right-hand users can use knives with no-slip.. For different tasks any chance of accidents before we get started, take a look at these specs! Angle of 11-13 degrees in both edges to keep the knife durable stain-resistant... For beginners hardness scale for an incredibly sharp edge cuts through the nitrogen cooling process to give it strength!