), (Since 2009, the nation has been run by Barack Obama, the first black president. ), For the last eight years, this country's been run by— (CAW! This was about 68% of all the recorded Erb's in Canada. LAO ZU! Adolf Hitler vs Darth Vad.. I do damage when i brandish my katanas Man, Ill slice you up then vanish in my lady bug pajamas Im one … On your hat, it is written what I had envisioned! Who knew such a small man could be such a bigot ignoramus? CHARLES DARWIN! ), (Clinton states that she is the candidate who can do a good job in the presidency.). J. ROBERT OPPENHEIMER! (The term "new world order" has been used to refer to any new period of history evidencing a dramatic change in world political thought and the balance of power. Trump says he will even make his wall gold. Reagan claims that she isn't a role model due to the Clinton Foundation's donors being countries with awful records on women's rights. Lock her up to Make America Great Again! Don't tell me the victim's at fault, sucka! Tolkien! Begin [Grigori Rasputin:] Cool mustache, Wario Try messing with the Mad Monk you'll be sorry, yo How many dictators does it take To turn an empire into a union of ruinous states? 'Cause this whole system's rigged, and we all know the riggers! He says to "look alive" as a subtle warning to Alexander that he may not live by the end of the battle. I'll send you to hell in a hand basket of your deplorables! Trump claims that Bill would enjoy watching pole dancers due to his accused sexual misconduct, but uses the word "polls" as a homophone to joke about Clinton going down the polls in the election, or going down in votes. View ERB song lyrics by popularity along with songs featured in, albums, videos and song meanings. (Clinton says that she has been a public servant for a very long time, a career spanning decades, whereas Donald Trump was never a politician until he announced that he would run for president back in 2015. I'm a woman of the people; that's for certain! I'm so sick and tired of this ridiculous shit! I was living in the west wing While you were professional wrestling You got skin like Russian dressing From too much Russian investing … Looking for the definition of ERB? (Clinton says that she will send Trump down to hell, like Satan, along with his "basket of deplorables", meaning his deplorable qualities such as being racist, sexist, and homophobic. ), (America have to vote between Clinton and Trump as to who becomes their next President. You decide! Artists Vs. TMNT This song is by Epic Rap Battles of History, features Rhett & Link and Smosh and appears on the album Season 3 (2014). Reagan links this to having to pay the bills, but in this case, refers to Bill Clinton, saying Hillary is simply his puppet. Follow @genius (Medusa was the most well known of the three Gorgons, a snake-haired Greek mythological monster who turned whoever stares into her gaze to stone. / BEGIN! You call that a nightmare? (Clinton argues against Trump's slogan and says that the American people shouldn't be persuaded to think America isn't already a great country.). (Trump has repeatedly stated that the election is rigged against him through a conspiracy of the government and the media. You want to "Make America Hate"! [CDATA[ It says: In 2016, Trump's the reincarnation. (This lyric is what developed into the lyrics, "You don't know shit about steaks, yucka! You got skin like Russian dressing from too much Russian investing! And lose to the dude a huge toothie cootchie chewed up? (Trump's campaign slogan is "Make America Great Again." BEGIN! Top Epic Rap Battles Of History Lyrics Theodore Roosevelt Vs Winston Churchill Deadpool Vs. Boba Fett The Joker Vs Pennywise David Copperfield Vs Harry Houdini Stevie Wonder Vs Wonder Woman Donald Trump Vs Hillary Clinton Charles Darwin Vs Ash Ketchum Bruce Banner Vs Bruce Jenner Thomas Jefferson Vs Frederick Douglass Lewis And Clark Vs Bill And Ted. Total views: 4 times this week / Rating: 7.64/10 [11 … Thats bananas! You're a man of the people who don't like turbans! I brought Michelle's speech; borrow some quotes! (Several of Trump's companies filed for bankruptcy in the 1990s. (Trump closely trails behind Clinton in many popular vote predictions by a few percentage points, some within the margin of error. VERSUS! View ERB song lyrics by popularity along with songs featured in, albums, videos and song meanings. ), (Trump says that when Clinton loses the presidency, he will have a place for her in prison. "That's enough, shit! / VERSUS! Well here's my first issue I barely even know enough about you to diss you But you guys honestly think that I'd screw this feud up And lose to the dude a huge toothy cootchie chewed up? Looks like the site is more popular than we thought! Rasputin vs Stalin; 10. BEGIN Rasputin: Nice mustache, Wario! (Clinton tells Trump to prepare for her victory. Trump claims that even though Clinton appears to be exempt from the laws that govern ordinary people, she won't be above his border wall.). Definition of ERB in the Definitions.net dictionary. I'm just saying! (Trump states that only a male leader can be strong enough to stand up to the perceived threat of China. (Trump has been accused of many sexual misconducts in his lifetime. In an interview with Bill O'Reilly, Trump claimed that, as a presidential candidate, he does not feel that he has to fact check his statistics.). (He wants the people of America to prove to Clinton that they do not want her in office because she's not likable. Equal opportunity is a stipulation that all people should be treated similarly, unhampered by artificial barriers or prejudices or preferences, except when particular distinctions can be explicitly justified. What resembles a republic in this Republican? (When asked in the second debate what she respected about Trump, Clinton said she respected his children. ), (Reference to the famous quote "What difference at this point does it make?" (This lyric appears to be what developed into the lyric, "(Believe me.) / PENNYWISE! / VERSUS! This process is automatic. Your Bill's worse than Cosby! (Human slavery existed in the United States from the 18th to the 19th century. DONALD TRUMP! Epic Rap Battles of History – Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden lyrics (ft. EpicLLOYD & Nice Peter) EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY! Clinton says that Trump can't be a very good businessman if even his own team dislike him. This resulted in a large controversy over how much of Melania's speech was original. Meaning of ERB. I'm sorry, did I say something that you found funny? [George R. R. Martin:] Brace yourself! Top lyrics Community Contribute. ), (Lincoln considers feeding Trump and Clinton to his giant bald eagle. George Washington faces off with William Wallace in this episode of Epic Rap Battles of History. We'll all be living large! The way you've acted with arrogance proves your temper meant you don't have the temperament! The most qualified candidate in history will break your face like a glass ceiling! I was living in the West Wing while you were professional wrestling! VERSUS! Top Epic Rap Battles Of History Lyrics The Joker Vs Pennywise Donald Trump Vs Joe Biden David Copperfield Vs Harry Houdini Stevie Wonder Vs Wonder Woman Donald Trump Vs Hillary Clinton Charles Darwin Vs Ash Ketchum Bruce Banner Vs Bruce Jenner James Bond Vs Austin Powers Thomas Jefferson Vs Frederick Douglass Alexander The Great Vs Ivan The Terrible. But you guys honestly think that id screw this feud up? Trump mimics Clinton's previous "…fumble our country away" line by saying that she would end up coughing America away. //