As the new pressure ratings are slightly higher the flange thicknesses have slightly increased. For full EN1092-1 table Click here EN1092-1 is for steel flanges. PN50. World Wide Metric Inc. All Rights Reserved. However, piping engineers must refer to the new AS standard AS4331 for interpretations and specification requirements. Flanges 300 LB. As temperature increases, the pressure rating of the flange decreases. Dimension charts for Navy Flanges. Nominal Pipe Size NPS (inches) Class 150 Diameter of Flange (inches) No. Consequently in some sizes flanges are thicker to bring the rating up to the required PN rating. Wide flange beams are designated by the letter W followed by the nominal depth in inches and the weight in pounds per foot. Image shown below indicates the nomenclature that used in the dimension chart. PN6 However GSL stocks high yield carbon steel API6A 45K weld neck flanges which are compatible with ASME A234 WPB fittings and A106B/API5LB pipe. Note column B. weld neck; slip-on; socket weld; threaded; lap joint; blind; flange dimensions for pipes ranging 1/2" to 24" - in classes ranging 150 to 2500. Customary units with diameter of bolts and flange bolt holes expressed in inch units; Size 20 95 30 10 65 4 M12 95 10 65 4 M12 80 10 55 4 M10 25 105 38 10 75 4 M12 105 10 75 4 M12 90 10 65 4 M10 32 115 45 10 85 4 M12 115 10 85 4 M12 100 10 75 4 M10 AS4087 is an update of AS2129, however AS2129 is still widely used so it has not been deleted as a standard, however, it now only covers AS table D to H. AS4087 is the latest standard for BS table D to H, the same drilling is used but the new PN pressure rat… (2)- Bolt diameter should be 1/8″ less than the bolt hole diameter G mm WN Blind SOW SW Nominal Size Class 300 Flanges to ASME B16.5 SOW, SW Threaded C mm Circle Diam. (1)- Bolt lenghts are calculated based on bolting one WN to one Blind. EN1092-2 specifies a thinner flange thickness for Ductile Iron in larger sizes which is shown in the Ductile Iron column. The number and diameter (mm) of the bolt holes for the example below of 300NB is: 12 x 25.4mm Class 150, 16 x 32mm Class 300, 16 x 34.9 Class 400, 20 x 34.9mm Class 600, 20 x 38.1mm Class 900, 16 x 54mm Class 1500 and 12 x 73mm Class 2500. PN20, PN50, PN110, PN150, PN260 and PN420 Steel flanges are “designed to be interchangeable” with flanges to American standards ANSI/ASME B16.5 and MSS SP44. Weights are in pounds. Regarding EN1092-2 Iron flanges, these figures are for integral flanges on valves, etc. However there are a number of factors that can impact the pressure capability of a flange. Dimensions, Sizes and Specification of DIN Flange & DIN Standard Flanges Pressure Rating from PN6 to PN 40 Slip On Flanges Blind Flanges Welding Neck Flanges DIN 254 SLI4 -P ON FLANGE S DIN 252 BLIN7 FLANGED S DIN 263 WELDIN4 NECG FLANGEK S SEE DIN 2559 d2 d2 I. d4 - • K0-D .— d3-— K0 > - D « B.C. PN6 In general, this temperature is the same as that of the media in line and the external environment, whichever is greatest (but also lowest temperature of each must be factored for low temperature service). This example demonstrates that diameter of the raised face are all the same; but outside diameter, bolt circle and diameter of bolt holes become larger in each higher pressure class. Pipe Fittings Inspection – Visual & Testings. Pressure-temperature ratings apply to flanged joints which may be reduced by gaskets or studs used. (Refer to pressure/temperature charts at this website for various material types). 150# flanges dimension and weight- outside and inside diameters, bolt circles, numbers and diameters of bolts for Weld neck, Threaded, Slip-on, Lap joint, Socket weld and Blind flanges. AS 4331 is a reproduction of ISO 7005 which is based on the American and European flange systems. EN 1092 evolved from DIN 2501 which became part of ISO 7005, then EN 1092 was created as the standard for DIN based flanges. in. Flanges sorted by size, dimension, thickness, bolt circle, number of holes, and hole size. This is represented in the picture: For ANSI 150 to 2500 class flange pressure/temperature ratings refer to the forged pressure/temperature ratings showing in the following link. Although the standards say they are identical, I notice some very minor flange thickness differences between ISO 7005 (AS4331) and EN1092. However the actual dimensions and bore sizes have not changed.

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