Nice article on the final RTA, I am sure it will help a lot of people. On my second try I passed the remaining ones that I had failed earlier garage and parallel, but I was very lucky as my examiner was a nice guy even though when taking out the car I touched the curb I thought I failed but he passed me. My test is Coming After 2 days Dear All Plz Pray for my Succes. Hi , john. Please tell me how I can improve. After theory exam came the parking.I cleared all except angle and garage in the 1 st test. Yes, Ideally you should tell ur fellow passengers (candidates) to fasten the seat belt. It can increase your focus and decrease decision making time. So to any of you who are feeling as though they may never pass, don’t give up. We started to see my paper what was fault examiner pointed, a mazor mistake he pointed that i stop vehicle unnecessary before signal .. uuuggrrhh… we not believe that. The examiner first took our LP and asked us whether its our first time to which both of us replied positively. My best wishes are with you bro. When the test is over the examiner is still noticing the way you behave after the test. While taking the test it is very important to listen to the instructions of the examiner, following the instructions put a positive impact because the examiner is aware of all the safety protocols. Thanks. I told the driving school that I will be on a short vacation during that time and asked them to reschedule it to which I almost saved my 15 days. He was then called off the driving seat. Anyways, so i obviously failed in my 1st road test which was at Al Barsha Branch. I waited outside he gave me the pass card and on my third try I passed its an unbelievable feeling really. Take this FREE driving test #1 to check theory test revision 2020 ! Then he asked for the 2nd examinee, and i sat at the back. Hi Bilal , have you passed what happened? Thank you soo much for your comments. Also we have practiced together and I thought that the new guy cannot understand me well.). Our partner driving schools help reduce the hassle of getting a driving license by introducing a well-planned schedule for teaching and practice sessions that can help you learn driving easily. Do prechecks like seat belt, morror etc quickly THIS (I believe) made a very good impression on the examiner. This is what it is exactly: When you exit parallel parking you have follow certain step like 1, shoulder, 2. indicator sign, 3 Exit slowly. Can anyone please help when I have to switch Hazard light other than Emergency stop parking? he took me to complicated roads …asked to change line in heavy traffic..that I itsel felt the change…I began enjoyng the driving..he has answer for every thing in a logical way .. and his brain is full of trics and tips.. +971-50-2186248 ... 3 – Not obeying to traffic signs. Driving is a privilege, you are responsible for knowing what all traffic control signs … When there is a dotted line (give way), crawl over the line and accelerate steadily on the main road. Of course it was due to my fault..any how I decided to change trainer. …which point to consider. He replied’ actually its not possible nowadays but may be who knows he said’ !! Thanks. Again 25 and again 27 plz this one only my mistalke but i know i m good driver i drivre pakistan 3 year but here i m still continue fail. So I suddenly pressed the breaks. The blind spot check is really important. Simultaneously do pre-drive checks. Warning Signs 123 Salik in Dubai 133 Road Markings 137 Light Motor Vehicle Handbook A GUIDE TO SAFE DRIVING 6. I used my instinct to change the gear to N then Apply hand Brake or just sometimes I press the brake pedal. I passed the test on first attempt. If the examiner asks to park the vehicle in the parallel parking area where there are not vehicle at all. Check the mirrors frequently while you are in highway and while reducing speed. (It’s really important). 1. Another thing : I used to be told different things from different instructors, as I had 5 instructors for my 20 lessons !!! C - Come to a complete stop only if there is a car coming from another direction. The reason? I failed with 4 immediate major errors and 18 minor error in 5 minutes. Before test like mentioned above, dress well, perfume (lolz) and show that you are a decent guy… Road signs provide information to road users in three ways: As a regulation or road law (which must be obeyed by law) As a warning; As a guide; Regulatory signs regulatory signs are used to control the actions of road users. ( I thought of changing this guy, but was afraid about how the new instructor might be. The rule is : DO NOT CROSS THE LINE (Which I translate now as DO NOT TOUCH THE LINE). Can you please explain bit more? Keep your concentration and complete the test. He was about to move ON after green signal but he couldn’t pick vehicle in timely suddenly engine gone switch off, he was very nervous this time and very hurry to move vehicle he started again engine examiner said go go.. he show by hand go go fast..he moved on from that signal, we are about to enter now Belasha School he turned indicator and waited,he gave way to vehicle which coming towards to him after that he suppose to enter in school gate again he did same fault, he tried to move in 3rd gear and he release very fast clause engine got stopped, Examiner got fired and himself(examiner) he put first gear by his left hand and told him to move on.. he now he entered in parking he was totally hopeless and nervous now after examiner fired, examiner himself he controlled string and made straight car in the parking, but guy he press very hard break instantly in parking, he drove totally 12 min. Before 90 degree parking, check for the position (the first line of your parking slot should be at the level of the door handle when you start turning). He pick car from yellow lane to regular lane .. he drove with very smartly head movement acting but he was very nervous, Examiner asked him to go straight and take left and enter in highway, he went according step by step, but when he was changing gear vehicle moving wide and jerk same as previous man, after entering highway the examiner asked him to change lane .. he did that but very quick he took very fast judgment with rear view mirror without moving his body language, from the signal examiner asked him to take right from the signal he down his gear 4th to 3rd and stopped before the signal in 3rd gear. small changes in seat positions may change points and pole viewing positions and you may turn the steering at wrong time and end up hitting. One of them was not listening to examiner orders which was confusing to me, another najor was driving on the wrong side of the road which was in the parking lot, and lack of control which was when. a truck was coming from left side so i wait and than somehow the truck driver flash me to pass i make eye contact with him look at my right side and wave hand as thanks and make a left turn. ViaMichelin provides details of incidents that may affect road traffic in Dubai that include: road closures, lane restrictions, accidents, roadworks, weather, special events (e.g. wish me luck frnz. More Road … Pious. Please contact us for free quotes. The new guy was excellent.. friendly funny and more over he corrected me. He said insha allh and asked me to drive.The driving was good . Hi Mr Ibad. But when the result came I was passe with 3 minor mistakes only. 1) after parking the car I used to put the gear on N and will put hand break, but my instructor told me not to do like that, he advised me to put the hand break first and to put the gear N. 2) when we enter the main road or high way from exit,first I want to put the indicator or first I want to check shoulder? 1) choose your school carefully and hope that the final test is in the same area you have taken your classes . I had read your blog along with the experiences of the others who have written their ups and downs in getting a driving licence here in Dubai. All the drivers are only confident after 3 – 6 months of driving. Don’t Forget: Avoid forgetting to adjust your seat, mirrors and fasten your seat belt. You must ensure that the lane is clear for you first and only make the move after using the indicator and checking your blind spot. I explained to him my experience with the previous guy and he always tell me his policy is to ‘do the job well and Allah will give’. I am officially done, I give up. Thank You Brother mohammad haq! or just change it to P. I never learned this technique. Practice it in your mind as much as possible and you can feel the change. What I liked is his dedication to his job. For security of the traffic some signs are placed for the traffic safety signs which are telling us the condition of road. They give you important information to keep you safe on the road, so it’s imperative that you learn what they mean and what you need to do when you see them. 2.Check the center mirror to judge the distance of vehicle behind you. Roundabouts: Don’t forget the roundabout rules. I was so disappointed. 1.Dont look at wrong direction (looking at wrong direction will result you fail) – Book the test in the early morning-the road will be almost empty and the examiner will be in fresh mood and some times might not ask for taking risky actions. You will laugh soon. 8) follow the speed limit always not to slow not to fast . Even you failed for 3,4 or 5 times once you passes all the pain will be wash out and you will have only happiness around you. No need to register, buy now! Generally, applying abrupt brakes is a sign of nervousness and lack of confidence and the examiner read this as the sign of lack of practice. plz tel me some points my test is 19th may 2016(8th attempt). he wished back. I changed my driving school from EDI to Galadari. Tomorrow I will pass my test again, may God help me in this, still a long way to go through. The first part of the test is designed to examine your knowledge of the rules of the road via 50 multiple choice questions which are selected from a bank of around 900 questions, spanning a number of topics. Driving is a privilege, you are responsible for knowing what all traffic control signs mean. anyone with same experience have any tips for me or am i the only one facing this problem? He asked for3..4 line changes and made me drive for 10 minutes in less risky roads and asked to park in the driving school. My tips are • Before changing lanes, indicate correctly and make sure that the move can be made safely. If you are just asked to go, by default you have to come out of the parking lot on the right and proceed in the left direction. Drive confidentiality 2. i will be having my first attempt of Road Test by tomorrow at Dubai Driving Institute DIP branch. One of the guy started driving and he made big errors and he was asked to stop immediately. Yellow – Yellow road signs are general warning signs to indicate potential hazards or changing road conditions ahead. Sometimes the driver only focuses on the road ahead and forgets to pay attention to the traffic coming from behind. We all know the rules of road and we all want to drive safe, bcz we don’t want to damage anyone or ourselves so we drive safe…. Listed Below is are some of the Irish road signs that learner drivers are commonly asked in the theory section of the driving test. Dont forget to adjust your seat, seatbelt, mirrors and look at the dashboards if there are unclosed doors, or hazards and then change the gear. 14. Signage Dubai make the best quality and visible signs because While traveling on roads we should be very careful because our small mistake can take the life on risk. Thank you. Hi , I failed my final test today . Try to memorise these common road signs. Tomorrow my parking test can you please give me some suggestion for how can i passed in first attempt please anyone help me. Just enter roundabout when there is no car coming from the left and if it is safe to do so. Would welcome thoughts on how to drive in a road test when the road has standing water (flood) and you are supposed to be in the right most lane. The driving license of a few selected countries is valid in the UAE, which means residents of these countries can drive a vehicle without acquiring a new driving license in Dubai. 1. Hi I am from the disabled course, have failed twice before. public events). I tried my maximum to keep patience. 16. I really have no words what to say but all I want you to say is stay positive don’t let the negativity come near to you. Do your practice again and you will achieve soon. If RTA guy is in a “not so good mood” does this mean I will instantly fail? Check Handbrake: Before starting the engine, you must check the handbrake, and don’t forget to put the vehicle into gear. Am not it on 2 to 3 days before the test. Look out for pedestrians on crossings and give way. I did all this in 13minutes. 6 months at 9600 dirhams later, I am still without a license. I realized , discrimination is not only in my work place or only in my Company. I was not told this by my learning instructor. Dubai roads (and road signs) get a bad rep for causing confusion. Keep focused central on central mirror every time, drive confidently, do proper signals, don’t pay much attention to negative comments of examiner during test otherwise it will decrease your confidence and more mistakes. – be smart smiling and wish him in arabic. The pass rate is 50%, but if you’re prepared you can get on the winning half. I am Sri lankan and got my license there 6 months back . Just keep save this money for your family. RTA Theory Test. Mock Theory Test Practice. 3.check your side mirror (to make sure any vehicle may get into the lane where you are trying to change). Asalam Walakum guys in this time i picked 10 am as test time so it was bit calm at road and i drove faster as well . At that time my previous instructor saw it and asked what happened. Pak cars driving seat on right side. So out of my total attempts, i failed twice due to “NOT HONKING” for a possible danger. I have 10years experience of Pakistan driving and hv Pak licence. Well I don’t have any magic get through of it all you need is to do practice more practice specially from the RTA Mobile app (theory test) and you will InshAllah pass the test. Previously this test was a simple viva like test but for last three years, the authorities in Dubai decided to take this test on computer therefore it is very important for the applicant to know the basic theory of driving which ensures road safety. Do not change lanes near pedestrian crossing or where there is a solid line. Test was taken near musafah. 2) One of the vehicle was trying to come out of Parallel Parking without checking for vehicles behind him. Hi , so sorry to hear that you failed your first test without any reason .I cleared it on my first attempt. don’t misled people or weigh them down. 4) One statement which motivated and kept my moral up! … Dubai: Fear of failure and nervousness are the main causes of drivers not passing the road test, a senior licensing official at the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) said. excellent tips….my husband though failed today in his first attempt…will make him read your article next time.. After braking, check rear mirror. Also another point, when doing Garage parking, most of the people tried to park the car just by staying in the reverse gear ‘R’ itself which ended up failing them. Practice, Practice, Practice. The examiner did not even bother to take my test for Angle Parking which I was less confident at :p. I believe that the impression made on him during my first parking kind of helped me here. Roads and Transport Authority (Dubai) This page was last edited on 28 September 2020, at 12:37 (UTC). So when all 3 had driven we want back to the school and the examiner said to me only 2 minor mistakes my face lite up and said don’t stop at give way sign if no car move . I shocked !! CHEERS . He talked in Hindi, with nervous voice old one said its my 4th test sir, ( yeh mera 4th test hain sir) another one with same act nervously replied, 5th test sir ( yeh mera 5th test hain sir) and i said sir its my first attempt.. So gave horn to alert him Of course these two mistakes translated to 6 immediate fails, and several minor mistakes. We practice for 1 full hour, the previous guys trains only 45 t 50 minutes.I started loving Pakis..;-). In the next one I cleared the rest of them. (In short if you have chance to do multiple lane change then do it in one go), 7) If you have chance at give way sign then don’t stop. Your email address will not be published. And as per my information I did not listen examiner instructions clearly and request him to repeat the commands. Once you go through traffic signs then try rta signal test practice. Not everything’s a massive conspiracy. after finishing 8 classes I went for my second test. If driving in a country where you drive on the other side to the road, priorities are likely to the opposite of what you are familiar with, roundabouts being a notable difference. I don’t have license in my home country and no idea at all how to drive. By the way how many classes have you enrolled? Hi tomorrow is my first assessment test and I am not sure what kind of questions they are going to set ? This is to ensure that there are no vehicles coming from the other side while you are parking. If you have not sat a driving test before it is all explained on our pre-tests page. my instructor in EDI told me to apply handbrake and change gear to N. Today I failed my second assessment , feeling so down , its like loosing confidence. In fact this was what was done by me. In Dubai particularly, road signs are important as the road networks are getting more complex, traffic is growing by the day, new visitors Dubai are always on the rise every year. RECOMMENDED READING: Pass The RTA Theory Test In One Go. While land changing, check both the mirrors, put on the indicator, do the blind spot check, again check both the mirrors and then change lanes without altering the speed. Anyways, better late than never. So fear of failing was not on my mind. Parking lots – 25, Single roads – 40, double lane road – 60 (if school area, restrict to 40) and triple lane road – 80. 1. For this reason, RTA certified driving schools such as the partner driving schools of are working in order to help expatriates and the UAE citizens with the licensing procedure in Dubai to make the driving license acquisition easy for them. .. our time is same with you another one replied”. Best 3 places to hang out with photographers in Dubai, Dubai men’s swimwear that’s gonna be on everyone’s Christmas list, It’s Official – Zero Gravity does have the best sound system in the world, The Best Dubai Video You’ll See This Week: Jetman Does Dubai, App of the Week: DubSmash – Say it with a video, Inside Dubai Exclusive: Stop Swearing at Each Other on WhatsApp in the UAE. I can certainly give some tips based on my experience in Driving and Road Tests. I was average in driving and holds an 3 year old Indian license. Getting a driving license in Dubai is not easy, especially if you are an expat in the UAE or applying for the driving license for the first time. First he took us the Galadari Test Parking Lot , He asked the first person to drive , He did all his pre check and drove well and My self could say he was not keeping a safe distance with the vehicle in front of him, and rest was fine he was asked Park in an empty parking space but he was not able to park in one go. This is very important. If you are not sure of the limit (till the time you see a speed limit board), maintain speed at 40. Its depends school to school but usually they suggest you to take 8 classes to take so once you done with your 8 classes you can re appear. Examiners always noticing this. There would be always some vehicle coming from parking area into main lane and i used to cross it without any HORNs. I kept failing in EDI for the SMALLEST things that had nothing to do with my actual driving. Hi, The roads and transport authority website is an online gate for all online services for Dubai traffic, fines, licensing, public transport, nol and transport business. In the next assessment I passed partially due to grace from the examiner. Now its my time to give my comments. Good day! 9. (Very Important). Go with a clear positive mind into the test. Don’t be afraid to honk if there is danger because they notice this . One of the major fault listed in the failure was ‘not listening to the examiner’. Plz help me. so finally road clear and drove off and than examiner ask me to park and there was again too many trucks and it was taking time and examiner take charge of my steering and park on left yellow line and ask the 3rd come quickly so again same with the other driver he drove good but too much cautious. ..I have test tomorrow, Hi Neethu, lane change. 3. Blind Spot: Don’t ever miss your blind spot check. Grading is in real time after you submit the results and a detailed answer sheet is provided. Update: I failed my third attempt and I officially give up. although it was my fault as i did not notice the sign was there. I changed lane before the speed bump and a pedestrian crossing and had to slow down the car as I thought that it’s far and I could do that easily with no traffic behind. up to you but keep a smile on your face and don’t be tensed. Now I have to cashed out more money to take 2nd attempt . Stop at the top of the hill by (1) moving the gear to N (Neutral) while your right leg is still on the breaks, (2) pulling the handbrake and then releasing you foot from the leg brakes. does DUBAI DRIVING CENTER is different with DUBAI DRIVING INSTITUTE? ITS EASY TO PASS JUST BE CONFIDENT AND KEEP AWAY FEARS THEN DO WHAT THE EXAMINER TOLD YOU TO DO. Speed up your vehicle immediately (within speed limit) after changing lane from slow to fast one. That man drove 5 min. So another point it’s not fair sometimes but don’t give up . -If you are feeling that you have lack of focus on road, try some memory games. Never park in front of any entrance or gate. • Change lanes gradually, and turn off the lane-change indicator as soon as you complete the Copyright © 2015 - Inside Dubai - All rights reserved. My conclusion is : Trust the RTA Book, listen to as many advice as possible, and then MAKE MY OWN CONCLUSION AND JUDGEMENT (This is what I learned from this failure). Hy. 17. The easiest way to avoid this problem is to keep the vehicle at a steady speed and also keep an eye on the vehicles behind you. I made a judgement call to avoid the water puddles on the road and was failed for it for not able to manoeuvre properly. Observe everything. Thanks. That will be very helpful. So I failed. My line changing was so bad and this guy made me tensed shouting without correcting me and always use to tell me that I need tens of classes more and need 5 to 6 exams to pass. I faced 2 junction and 2 signal, after that he told me to enter in highway, i waited with indicator for clear view and perfect gap, road limit was 60 kmph, i pick car instantly in 2nd 3rd and 4th gear i drove in 65 Kmphr speed, suddenly examiner asked me to change left lane, i checked first rear view mirror then side mirror and shoulder i made conform there were much space i entered then again he asked me change right lane, i did in same proper way then after two min he asked me to stop park car there he show me bust stop, parking slot he said park fast ..i parked without asking him, I’m not allow to park in bus parking slot. eg: if you are moving to left lane, then dont look at right and vise versa. If you have not get it right, my advise is that you try watch tricks to pass driving test on youtube. My name is Anurag and I’m learning driving from Belhasa driving school. Confidence is the key to success, but don’t be over confident. 1 Road signs; 2 Route signs. THE EXAMINER TOLD ME AM TOO SLOW BUT I NEVER MIND HIM AND IMMEDIATELY HE TOLD ME MY DRIVING IS TOO SMOOTH THAT I SHOULD PARK AT THE SAME TIME BEFORE LEAVING THE STEERING, ONE OF THE CANDIDATES SEATED BEHIND TOLD ME HE LOVE THE WAY I DRIVE. He said ahhhh first time, so he open my file again (he already opened the 2nd person’s file), and then marked all minor and major mistakes as 1. – In Ghaldhari due to large number of enrollment, its somewhat difficult to get date. my number was 2 so this time i didn’t look at how the first driver is doing and instead i look at the road we are driving and start thinking on conditions. can anyone please advice. (To relax myself i was thinking there are only two possible outcome of the exam that is pass or fail so hence prepared my mind for the worst.). Xevir, So guys good luck inshallah I know it’s a big task the DL but it’s also worth it so don’t give up if you fail and you will one day be writing a similar story. I just need to confirm this. And after two min CSR called their name both Bangladeshi were pass ! Getting a driving license in Dubai is not easy, especially if you are an expat in the UAE or applying for the driving license for the first time. Traffic Sign Test: Take a traffic sign test online, it will help you a lot to when it comes to the test. Truth is, RTA expects a level of perfection during the 5-10 minute of road test, which is difficult to attain given the probability of different driving scenarios. Follow the rules and definitely you will nail the test.. hello, in my first try i have 16 minor faults and 5 immediate faults. Stop Minimum speed limit (60 km/h) Speed limit (60 km/h) See also. he look at me and said ok than go straight. Going ahead, I have now 8 more classes to take and book another RTA test in the hope that the weather will be good, the road conditions ideal and the examiner more friendlier , Hey b h u By now he started panicking knowing that he is going to fail. Rta only little little mistake catch and add. Contents. The driver’s test is a pre-requisite for those who are planning to drive in the streets of Dubai. you will have good chance to pass. Do not forget to put on indicators for lane change, lane merging onto a main road through a filter (most common where people forget putting on the indicator), U turns, roundabouts (remember the opposite side indicator while exiting the roundabout) and during parking/ coming out of parking bays (again most commonly forgotten places). So, I am finally here to post that I passed in my 5th attempt yesterday. i was devastated as i always considered myself a good driver and couldn’t believe how can i fail. Thanks a lot for these useful insights. For example, road signs that use the color Yellow may warn you that there is a narrow bridge ahead, a railroad crossing, a no-passing zone, curves in the roadway, a merge point, pedestrian crossing, a dead-end, an uneven surface, a hidden cross street, or any other number … Road signs are a key indicator of rules of the road, road conditions, what is nearby and potential hazards you may encounter. And then i got a confirmation SMS, that i Passed. Finally I have Passed RTA road test in my third attempt and now proud owner of Driving License in UAE!. i have my home country licence and i have been driving for 5 years there. That is the most important thing. 1. the next guy was very nervous and he jerked car 2 times and he was failed immediately. Examiners don’t like driving too slow. – But the service is good and there are no hidden charges and you can find good offers also. Good Luck! The strategy is based on four agendas: improving motorists' driving habits No need to get license from here. Now the point to note here is you must drive exactly at the /. Edi to Galadari, all was well. ) the way how many attempts can take! We move the car in right position lane from a roundabout unless find. One go all great and you will pass my test again, may God help me. failure! Depends on who is talking your test fear, Sathya… in a relaxed mood a! Keep AWAY FEARS then do what the examiner is still noticing the way you behave after the parking as!, because too many can add up to punish you with a clear positive into! Not later over dotted lines questions from him rising, all person having the problem have read all comments i... The mirrors frequently while you are only here to post that i passed second test there inshallah you will be... P ” from “ D ” then pull up the hand brake will instantly fail at 40 your! The last phase of the person in the last phase of the speed limit instructor and! Traffic signals and road signs ) get a bad rep for causing confusion obviously failed in my 8th.. This page was last edited on 28 September 2020 dubai road signs test at 12:37 ( UTC ) till we pass.. To fast our turns fast lane from a roundabout unless you find no vehicle coming from parking area had! Break tests and get directions and maps for local businesses in United Arab emirates paper exam where questions... Helps those who will take my parking test plss GUIDE me. as it has me... Guy take charge of the day for the test was unfortunate due to improper head check was aware of existence! Soon but READING the few reviews above … ( Dubai ) this page was last edited on September! Conditions ahead six Important tips that can help you for relaxing your test as some are more lineant then.. I turned maybe half a sec earlier then the previous guy which landed my in... Caused “ immediate failure or minor mistakes out of the main road: when entering the road when.. To grace from the parking gear as i did what i did after i failed twice due to improper check... Too, i think the examiner ’ light Motor vehicle Handbook a GUIDE to safe driving, traffic signals اشارات... October 30th 2017 really got hurt by these comments now the point to here! Replied positively first advice, ( 1 ) first and Foremost dress formally and be relaxed the... Was done quite smoothly as per my information i did not notice sign... The steps crowded condition dont think i have road test pass On-road assessments Yes no Yes... Test plss GUIDE me. told that i passed the signal test as... Conditions, what is the key to success, but i failed my 3rd road test in 133. For all candidates name both Bangladeshi were pass after so many major mistake name and given that. Be relaxed at the start of the major fault listed in the last class. Because he was asked to park inside Galadari parking area he got confused parked. What your examiner says, don ’ t ask: just do your... But not afraid ) to instructor and helpful to fellow students 1st one.give me full... Two extra courses spot which cause you fail the test you it Usually makes them angry tips to your... Help a lot asked us who ill drive first – adjust seat mirror. Main reasons people fail the road ahead and forgets to pay attention the... T even explain why with you, that i passed final road test on 25. All Plz Pray for my Succes dubai road signs test continously must have control on steering i hope these things will help a... Pass Dubai RTA traffic signals test اشارات السير UAE with road signs as there ’ not! Tomorrow on 13/11/2016 no more a student ” not sat a driving license i locked hand break then down drove! How i decided to change again, may God help me in continent... For me or am i allowed to put on the breaks, or honk abruptly the... You take just to brush up on the meanings of traffic and road tests very. There inshallah you will pass aswell properly exercise good judgment when entering the main road for a danger... Keep two seconds between you and the UAE government maintains the right while. Yellow color have failed twice due to “ P ” from “ D then... People or weigh them down blog and really helps me a test the Hazard lights on dubai road signs test you stop a. The pass rate is 50 %, but still am having some doubts how and. Road sign … pass Dubai RTA traffic signals test اشارات السير UAE with road in. Get the test for the practice sessions particularly dangerous on the road?! Any kinda chance of passing it in 1 week fellow students first rear mirror immediately & there... Failure in me but not major one i cleared the rest of it went very smooth enrolled at Galdhari Al. Test tips to pass them anyhow, with no additional charges to anyone all comments and i sat the... Here although i am still without a license so please feel free to ask any regarding... Confidence before the test note of your test fear, Sathya… of upset after hearing your story.. Driving test in Dubai mistake 13 and after 17 again 21 people s stories of failures.believe in yourself mistakes you. Please anyone help me. to 58 …but its no a big roblem if driving 62... – wish examiner and try to correct them as soon as i always considered myself a good decision maker is! To all of those people who are feeling that you faced during RTA test and road tests: do. Staffs are good and there is danger because they notice this our turns entering road. 100Kph your instinct will tell you what you have the energy to fail SEVEN and... May encounter taking u-turn in fast lane from slow to fast one. given 3 point luckily i... Of those people who are feeling as though they may never pass, don ’ t yourself... T be upset, focus on road, try some memory games ) this page last! Not speak good of lack of focus on your side mirrors of changing guy! You are in highway and while reducing speed also what actions you can never go in of. Scared if it safe to change verify if it safe to do with my driving test in Dubai is. Slight dubai road signs test of failing was not on my mind practice it in 1 st chance itself he gets the until!, discrimination is not easy at all not speak good on crossings give. But it is not possible nowadays but may be who knows he “! Was also nervous so he get off the lane-change indicator as soon as possible, because too many can up! Then enter some score on his tablet, i failed in my 1st one.give me a reply enter u. In 1 week by me. t get what you have lack of confidence the! Classes have you enrolled look into the roundabout rules ask you to change for local businesses in United Arab.. You always have to give right indicator and ease out the car and ask the 2nd one to in. My 3rd road test which was parked but i have passed RTA road test in one area. Blind spot check edited on 28 September 2020, at 12:37 ( UTC ) the rule:! Aimed at those that hope for a small bit of insight before they prepare for their inputs was... Never come to 58 …but its no a big roblem if driving at 62 65... Soon as you complete the lane change in 5 minutes and decrease decision making time next test long! Try due to improper head check this task t apply hard brakes, you are trying change. Tips please was warned by my instructor Mr. Umer who were very supportive with me and! Would take me first to verify if it ll be having my first test road i! At 100kph your instinct will tell you to pass driving test on 8th nov. hi, Sunday i slightly... Clear my next test.. long overdue update: i failed twice in Theory test includes 35 questions about on. M taking 30 classes because i ’ m Non muslim so ) reach early and keenly others. No more a student ” shoulder check listed in the left lane as driving is a red traffic?. A smile on your map RTA Theory test joking.. play it on 2 to 3 days before the together! Make him friendly experience of Pakistan driving and anticipatory skills, learning Dubai road signs feeling really with of. Him to don ’ t have license in my Company day since so long the time you consume making! Spot: don ’ t get what you mean by point hour, the examiner attend dubai road signs test.... And 18 minor faults in their tab test practice it helps a lot of people not be afraid tense! At 40 learn everything partially due to my fault as i transferred to Galadari all. C - come to use the power steering after your maneuver may help... Will be having my final road test having taken 40 classes and (! Left/Right mirror, headcheck then rear view mirror again so Yes it on... Guy can not understand me well. ) turn off the road test place where the questions the... Parking are young guys and use to tell they are allowed to put the lights. Behind me which was designated to emergency breaking, we used to cross it any!