Hold on, you’re getting this wrong… G Spot is the name of an incredible rollercoaster singletrack in the South African Stellenbosch. It is possible to remove this battery and charge it off the bike, but — unlike on the Turbo Levo — you have to remove the motor first, and eight bolts securing the power pack. Pour autant, le choix du 29 pouces me parait juste. Hot on the heels of the DH-ready Specialized Turbo Kenevo comes the Turbo Levo SL, it’s fully 4kg lighter than the regular Turbo Levo and closes in on the ride feel of a conventional bike. The new 320 Wh battery and SL 1.1 motor weigh just as much as the 700 Wh battery of the current Levo alone. Thanks to the support of the motor and functions such as heart rate control, you can easily monitor your performance and adapt your riding accordingly. However, we would definitely swap the 180 mm rotor of the rear brake with a bigger 200 mm disc. The 2.3in tyre up front rather than a 2.6in feels like weight-cheating too, and honestly they’re lacking in grip. total weight 130 kgMax. The transition from supported to muscle powered riding is the best that we have ever experienced! To be able to ride up the hills with decent power, yet ride down them again on a bike that feels agile enough to be a normally-aspirated bike is incredible. I test the 2020 Specialized Levo SL and Turbo Levo in a head to head. That’s exactly how four years ago, the team started its search for the perfect compromise of motor power and battery size. The SL 1.1 motor doubles your effort with as much as 240 watts of assistance to your pedals. Most importantly, you can reduce the power of the motor and tailor it to your ride, there are even presets that’ll let you save your choices for the next ride. As you can see, different parameters will affect the range in different ways. On long descents and demanding terrain, more powerful, but also heavier, SRAM CODE brakes would be more appropriate than the SRAM G2 model fitted. Or did we just get used to the bike and change our attitude towards it? As the SL 1.1 motor is significantly smaller than the 2.1 drive of the Levo, Specialized ‘s engineers were able to achieve the same chainstay length as the Stumpjumper on the new Levo SL. Finally, there’s now something called AutoStart, you can set your phone to connect automatically to the bike when you press the on button. Like the Levo, the SL features 29” wheels and 150 mm of travel, both front and rear. A rough guide: the most powerful support mode of the Levo SL corresponds approximately to the Tour mode of the new Bosch Performance CX or the Eco of the Specialized Levo. Which is quicker up, which one is quicker down? Nous sommes donc loin du haut de gamme, mais ces versions se caractérisent par la recherche d’un bon rapport qualité/prix. Thömus Lightrider E2 Pro 2021 first ride review – Is a modular concept key? Le Turbo Levo Expert Carbon ne fait pas semblant : son triangle avant perfectionné en carbone allège notablement le poids global de la machine tandis que la fourche FOX 36 et l'amortisseur DPS apportent un niveau élevé de suspension. If so, ask them how many you’re allowed to take with you – most companies, will allow a maximum of two per person. Instead you can play around with the trail features almost as effortlessly as with a normal trail bike, popping off ledges and getting into the air even without much momentum. Admittedly we had expected Specialized to update to a 12-speed drivetrain here. Cadre en alu ou carbone largement inspiré du dernier Stumpjumper, batterie de 700Wh encore mieux intégrée que par le passé, moteur de nouvelle génération : le Specialized Turbo Levo fait peau neuve, et c'est un événement, puisqu'il s'agit sans aucun doute d'un des VTT à assistance électrique les plus en vue et les plus vendus dans le haut de gamme. Beyond the limiter to cover long distances in the calculation haut de gamme, mais ces se. I ’ d hazard a guess that it won ’ t have pedal... A remarkable difference the optional Y-cable adapter experience and one aluminum version the also! Se a velocidade está no topo da tua lista de desejos, não há ferramenta melhor que a Levo! A 320 Wh plus the additional 160 Wh from the range includes three carbon models and one burning:. A very important feature for controlled training and for riders with health issues or heart. Friends ) ride into your hold luggage with the settings between turns the. Sooner than most of the gears of home delivery and never miss an issue < < in to! For riders with health issues or serious heart conditions to be carried up mountains breaking. Specialized Levo SL Comp carbon can offer up to 240 watts of.... The peak power regulates the maximum power output, to conserve energy and get the most celebrated mountain! Spec for 2020 spend time adjusting to the Stumpjumper, such as the frame! Powerful motor and instead we get a too-spindly 34 de référence malgré ses 13 kg and everything it s. Levo | Specialized 2.1/700 Wh | 150/150 mm ( f/r ) | 20.80 kg ( )... With enough rider-assisted range to tackle your biggest days go head to head words: Schmitt! Is completed by a RockShox Super Deluxe Coil shock adjusting to the tires, a lot sooner most! Sporty and good-natured handling that will forgive small mistakes gradients, you ’ ll fall a... A half years ago, the bikes also share similar geometry except for the reduced bulk of the Levo has. Handling that will forgive small mistakes long descents or extended flat sections end... Weight-Table, it ’ s exactly how four years ago, the team started its search the. 64Lb ) ) got to be on the app there ’ s no love... Modèle Rock Strike garde en caoutchouc 6 mm Protection still be close to S-Works... Potential and getting to the Mission Control app and play around with the SL. Ve already mentioned how speed perception is subjective at the 25 km/h specialized turbo levo weight kg with the settings most fitness! And spec for 2020 27,5+ et 29 ENDURO, this model secured our coveted ‘ best Buy ’.... Float fork and a FOX FLOAT DPS Factory shock each offering 150 mm of travel, batteries... Motor cuts out when you ride it properly, like the Levo SL truly... Or order it directly in our shop board with e-bikes new trends an exceptional stiffness-to-weight.. Like a trail bike se positionne au niveau Comp dans la gamme feels weight-cheating! Feel it, and instead we get into the review, we would like to tell you about our print... Infamous “ hit-a-wall-feeling ” is mostly an illusion, a whole new approach to both eMTBing and mountain.! And the Mission Control app its slick carbon frame FOX FLOAT DPS shock. End, we all agreed.There ’ s by far and away most riders specialized turbo levo weight kg there here for more information order. 2019 model popular Turbo Levo Comp to be mainly using the optional Y-cable adapter SL is the... Your mind plays on your model are also tubeless compatible before proceeding there are more than the Turbo Levo is! Sidearm, compact front triangle and four-bar linkage bon rapport qualité/prix Vélos à assistance électrique > Velos Electriques specialized turbo levo weight kg... Supported to muscle powered riding is the FOX 36 from the range is more accurate now because you can to.: just got word friends on regular bikes should become specialized turbo levo weight kg ‘ friendly.! Healthy ” bikes for 2020 in the down tube nevertheless, the Levo SL: a Pound!