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Evolved Polymeric Organofunctional Silanes

Versatile silanes can be used in a variety of coatings applications. When formulating paint and coatings, silanes are used to increase resistance to abrasion as well as increase adhesion, thermal stability and crosslinking. This eBook explores the diversity of silanes and their uses in a variety of applications including leather treatments, concrete treatments, roof coatings, adhesion promoters, and anti-graffiti coatings. “One Evolutionary Path of Organofunctional Silanes: Alkoxy Silane Functional Silicones and their Applications” explores how silane properties today are often better provided by several oligomeric and polymer solutions which can also provide new properties such as haptic or soft touch coatings. Haptic effects can improve a consumer’s perceived value of the product, and set the product apart from the competition. Haptic perceptions can be controlled by application of selective multi-layer 3D textures, by the shape and thickness of these 3D textures, and by the coating formulation itself. A key market for these types of coatings are textiles for the sporting goods market.

This eBook also contains market data on the concrete treatment and anti-graffiti markets.

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